If Seo is Dead? 10 Questions

If Seo is Dead?Google Personalization has raised various questions in SEO Professionals that how it is going to impact SEO work. It looks like main SEO activities are going to be dead. Following are some questions I collected from different articles and forums.

  1. If everybody is going to see different search results based on their searching patterns, how can you measure a consistent ranking? How can you reach an audience if their search queries are already personalized to show your competitor’s brand?
  2. On page optimization and link building will no longer have as much influence on rank for competitive search queries?
  3. Clients who opt-ín to personalization will get awkward results, for example, if they visit their own sites often, they will see it on Top in Results. Even it is not supposed to be to others. And they will feel like no improvements needed, as their site is already doing god in ranking.
  4. Companies / brands with greater traffic have a better chance to gain new business because searchers will see more impressions of snippets to their sites. This creates branding opportunities via snippets.
  5. It will become even more difficult to rank for generic keywords and search phrases (as larger brands will tend to dominate based on market search share), meaning long tail search queries will become much more important in an SEO campaign.
  6. Pay Per Click advertising will become more popular as people find organic SEO too complex and useless. Google is making way to raise its income. 8-)
  7. Usage of different SEO tools to check Rank and Backlinks, etc will become useless, as search results will no more based on these factors. I think i will have to cancel my SEOmoz Ranking ;-)
  8. If you have good brand awareness now, your site will be above and above in search results. Sites which don’t have good ranking right now will go down and down. It will become more and tougher for them to rank better. So new sites will have tough time to compete.
  9. Black Hat SEO and such viral software will become common that install on visitors computers and affect their searches.
  10. Social Media will be only internet marketing tool that will provide a way to increase brand awareness for new companies and affect Google results largely.
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