Google Buzz – A New Buzz in Social Media (Impact on SEO and Twitter & Facebook)

February 9, 2010 : Google held a press event to announce the most “buzzed” topic of the week – Google Buzz. This is Google’s new product, which is being compared to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It is integrated with Gmail and other Google products, so it really fills the missing puzzle of Google Products.

Google says Buzz has following key elements:

  1. It is integrated with Gmail. So no need to go to any other Site. Gmail Already has billion 0f users world-wide. It is fully integrated with inbox. Buzz sends responses to your posts straight to your inbox. Unlike static email messages, buzz messages in your inbox are live conversations where comments appear in real time.
  2. Share publicly or privately: Publish your ideas to the world or just to your closest friends. It has fast flip type of picture viewer.
  3. It can Import your stuff from Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, and Google Reader.
  4. Classy example of AJAX technology, missing in Twitter: New posts and comments pop in as they happen. No refresh required.
  5. Just Good Stuff : You can follow the specific people whose posts you want to see, but Buzz also recommends posts from people you’re not directly following, often ones where your friends are having a lively conversation in the comments. If you’re not interested in a particular recommendation, just click the “Not interested” link and your feedback will help improve the recommendations system

Impact On SEO:

Although, Google has not announced about its impact on SEO, and its too early too, but any one can guess that its going to  impact like Face Book and Twitter has.

Google’s Personalized search has already changed scenario and now sites you visit often will more come in your searches. And Social Networks are widely used to increase the Brand-awareness and in result effect he Google Search results.

Besides, Google Live Search is also showing every second updates on Twitter on Facebook. So for sure, Google Buzz will play its role, and will replace or take larger part from Twitter/Facebook in search results.

Impact on Twitter & Facebook:

Google has billion of Gmail users, but I don’t see any immediate impact on Facebook and Twitter. Definitely, people who have established networks on Facebook and twitter can’t left. However, Gradually, it will snatch share from these social media giants as it did in case of Chat and Mail from Hotmail and Yahoo. And as it provides all facilities at one place, so it should be little faster than Chat & Mail case.

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